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Rather than take sides, I've included most everyone's teams and their associated links. This page came about, so I could use the shortcuts to keep up to date with the results of the teams my friends 'up the pub' support. There's nothing worse than popping in for a pint, to find someone's team has beaten Chelsea or Arsenal 1 million to 0 and you know nothing about it. By the way the list is in alphabetical order, not in order of preference otherwise Wolves would be first in the list. On second thoughts Wolves are now at the top of the list, its the rest that are in alphabetical order.

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Site Link Description
Wolverhampton (Live Results) (2005/6) (2006/7)( 2007/8 )( 2008/9 )( 2009/10 )( 2010/11 )( 2011/12 )( 2012/13 )( 2013/14 )( 2014/15 ) Official Site club crest General Site General Site Unofficial Site
Arsenal (Results) Official Site Arsenal Original Web Gun Flash spin-off Carling Site Top 50 Arsenal links from here
Chelsea (Results) Official Site Crystal Palace General Site London Net Stamford Bridge Web Cam Carling Site
Crystal Palace (Results) Official Site Crystal Palace FC  logo Yahoo Sports Site General Site Supporters Club Carling Site  
Fulham (Results) Official Site Fulham Fulham News General Site Supporters Club Carling Site  
Millwall (Results) Official Site Millwall General Site General Site
Tottenham (Results) Official Site Tottenham General Site Carling Site
West Ham (Results) Official Site West Ham General Site General Site Carling Site


Site Link Description
Harlequins Official Site
Army Official Site
wwwThis Site
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